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                         2011 Budget   

                        2012 Budget         2012 Audit and Financial Report

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                            Below please find links to the most commonly asked for Ordinances:

                       Ordinance 218:  Dog Feces  Ordinance 218-Dog feces  (enforced by Codes/Zoning Officer 932-2078)

                       Ordinance 219:  Dog Barking Ordinance 219-Barking  (enforced by Police 854-5571)

                       Ordinance 240:  Grass and Weeds Ordinance 240 Grass and Weeds  (enforced by Codes/Zoning Officer 932-2078)

                       Ordinance 296 and two Amendments:  Speedway Ordinance  Speedway Ord 296, 318 and 337 (enforced by Codes/Zoning)

                               Ordinance 376: Dog Tethering Dog Tethering Restrictions Ordinance

                                 Ordinance 377: Burning  Ordinance 377 Burning (enforced by Police 854-5571)

                                  Ordinance 378: Disorderly Conduct   Ordinance 378, Disorderly Conduct (enforced by Police 854-5571)